Upcoming Show: “Interactions,” Photography by Frank Bibbins

Opening Reception December 2nd, 6-9 p.m.

Paris Metro, homeless man sleeping
“In the Metro” (left) and “Portrait of the Artist Christian Ruiz” (right) by Frank Bibbins

New fine art photography by Frank Bibbins will be presented in Interactions, a solo exhibit that runs from November 26 through December 30 at Art Uptown, 1367 Main Street, Sarasota.  The public is invited to meet the artist and discuss his new images with him at the reception on December 2, from 6 – 9:00 pm.
The mystery and beauty of his photographs have gained Bibbins many followers.  His understanding of his medium and of his own intentions is obvious.  “The theme for the show is Interactions, by both the subject-viewer and subject-subject,” Bibbins explains.  “I explore this concept inside the image boundaries.”

Rolling Hills Palouse Tp Simplify
“Rolling Hills” by Frank Bibbins

“The show is in three parts,” he continues.  “Interactions explores the types of interaction possible between image content and the viewer.  Deconstruction is a series of photographs that have been reduced to their most basic graphic elements.  This presents an illusionary view of the world, both simplified and abstract in nature.  The Street focuses on a range of interactions between the photographer and people on the street.”



James Gabbert unveils “Mother and Baby” at Mercy Memorial Hospital in Minneapolis, MN

JAMES GABBERT’S newly installed Mother and Baby was dedicated on November 2.  It is located in a garden next to the entrance to a new Mother Baby Center at Mercy Hospital, north of Minneapolis, MN.


James states, “Considering the location the subject matter seemed like a given.  I felt my challenge was to do something different with a subject matter that has been done millions of times before.  Guided by the idea of putting the baby’s heart in the center of a circle helped me compose something I like to think is distinctive, compelling and site appropriate.  I have made a limited edition of 12 of the one third scale model I used in creating this public work.  The figures are cast bronze with a stainless steel ring.  It is available at Art Uptown.  It stands 21 inches tall with an 18 inch diameter ring.”