‘Mind and Body Transformation’: A two-woman exhibit by Kasia Bruniany and Lisa Flam Corin

Art Uptown presents a powerful painting exhibit in Mind and Body Transformation this May.  The two-woman exhibit features the imaginative jewelry of Lisa Flam Corin and brilliantly colored oil paintings of Kasia BrunianyThe show runs April 29 through May 26 with an opening reception on First Friday, May 5 from 6 to 9 pm, at Art Uptown Gallery, 1367 Main St., Sarasota.


     Lisa Flam Corin layers texture, color and materials in her necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in order to demonstrate thetransformative power of these bodily adornments.  “Each layer can either stand on its own with the beauty of simplicity, or be combined with others for a richer, more diverse and complex orientation,” she says.  “I have selected Indian gods and goddesses as titles for each of my pieces to represent the power of jewelry art to transform the spirit, beauty and strength of the individual who wears it.”  Her collections include sterling silver, copper, and bronze; unique beads from around the world, semi-precious and natural stones, and found objects.  Among the metalsmithing techniques she uses are wire work, charcoal casting, water casting, riveting, stone setting, texturing through hammering or rolling mill, chain fabrication and different types of soldering.


     Kasia Bruniany’s recent paintings have been beyondthehorizoncaptioninspired by the Sarasota skies and coastlines, but more recently she has left the horizon behind and ventured into nonrepresentational, abstract art.  “I use emotions as my filter,” she explains, “as I try to reveal the magic of the world.  My landscapes escape into unreal spaces.”  She adds that she wants her viewers to create their own journey and assign their own meaning as they engage with her new abstracts and landscape paintings.  “My viewers should have freedom to see something that no one else sees,” says Bruniany.  “I always love to hear their interpretations.”


Flam Corin and Bruniany are the immediate past president and vice president of the board of Art Uptown Gallery.  Despite all their responsibilities in these positions, they have found time to create new work that lifts the spirit, through color and texture.

In addition to their exhibit, the artwork of all of Art Uptown’s professional regional artists will be on display through May and at the reception.  Art Uptown warmly welcomes the public to its lower Main Street location, where it has offered Sarasota a constantly changing variety of work in diverse mediums for more than 36 years.  The gallery is open Tuesday–Thursday 11–5, Friday 11–9, Saturday 11–5, and Sunday 12–5.  Call ahead for Monday hours.  Phone: (941) 955-5409, www.artuptown.com


“Into the Water”: New Works by Maro Lorimer on view March, 2017

maro-portraitAnyone who loves that first glimpse of the water on the way to a favorite Gulf beach will want to see Maro Lorimer’s new paintings at Art Uptown in March.  Her show, Into the Water, runs from February 25 through March 24.  The public is invited to meet the artist on March 10, from 6 to 9 pm, at the gallery, located at 1367 Main St., Sarasota.
Since moving to Anna Maria Island in 1999, Lorimer has been captivated by the natural paths leading to beaches in this part of Florida.  “One moment you’re surrounded by dense vegetation; the next, you emerge to see wide open vistas of sand, water and sky.  That exciting transition—the sudden arrival into a vast world that feels different every time you experience it—is what I try to capture in my paintings of paths,” she says.
Lorimer’s first beach path paintings were small collages, presented in 2010 by former first lady of Florida Rhea Chiles at her gallery, the Studio at Gulf and Pine, in Anna Maria.  Since then, the artist’s work has become larger and her viewpoint has moved from the path to the high beach, to water’s edge, into the water and back to shore.  “Now I have revisited the paths, and the high beach, painting them larger,” she says, “so I can present the entire series of views I love, as a whole experience.  In these paintings, I am thinking about what beachgoers, surfers and boaters have viewed for centuries.”

Arrival Triptych by Maro Lorimer

Maro Lorimer spent her happiest childhood days sailing on the Great South Bay of eastern Long Island.  After graduating from Brown University, she lived in Vail, Colorado, for 28 years.  She was a member of the Colorado Watercolor Society, showing and selling her work at exhibits in Central City and Denver.
Meanwhile, her “day job” was freelance creative work, which included producing and hosting a long-running nightly classical music program on Vail’s first radio station.  Later, she was an album rock DJ and music director for Vail’s second station.  Over the years, her daily public affairs interview programs won many awards.  She wrote for several Colorado magazines, served as managing editor of New Vail magazine and wrote scripts for a nationally aired winter sports TV series.

Shorebreak by Maro Lorimer

Upon moving to Florida, Lorimer’s focus turned more to exhibiting and selling her paintings, but some of her Colorado freelance work followed her here.  She was asked occasionally to interview and write feature stories about internationally known performing artists, such a New York Philharmonic conductor Lorin Maazel, for Vail-Beaver Creek magazine.
“An interesting freelance life is a great foundation for painting,” Lorimer comments. “My years of exposure to stimulating people, ideas, places and music has inspired my art, because I paint entirely from my memories and my imagination.”

Arrival #4 by Maro Lorimer



Art Uptown presents: L’Art Digitalique, Tantalizing New Works by Liz Trostli

Elisabeth Trostli combines her profound understanding of the fantastical with her exceptional skills as both a digital artist and surface designer to convey a totally original artistic vision of “Woman.” It will be presented in her one-woman show, L’Art Digitalique, at Art Uptown Gallery, from January 28 through February 24, 2017. The public is invited to a reception on Friday, February 10, from 6 to 9 p.m.

L’Art Digitalique includes paintings of fairytale princesses and pirates, futuristic high fashion, sensual geishas, powerful women warriors, exotic tribal shamans and embellished Edwardian steampunk vixens.

“It is a visual feast for lovers of fantasy, fashion, kaleidoscopes, fractals, opera, theater, Mardi Gras masks, antique botanicals prints, ethnic costumes and jewelry, hats and textiles,” the artist explains. “I use patterns found in nature, architectural surfaces, textiles, tiles and illuminated manuscripts.”

“Basket Hat” by Liz Trostli

Each painting can be described as a digital photographic collage, amazing in its detail. Trostli uses state-of-the-art computer software to blend and enhance the original elements. This proprietary process, playfully described by Trostli as “digital magic,” is then completed by a professional printing of the digital painting on canvas or photographic paper.

This collection of digital paintings is comprised of small, medium, and large works, available in limited editions on gallery-wrapped canvas or pearlized archival quality paper.

Elisabeth Trostli was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and emigrated to the U.S. in the mid-sixties. She studied illustration at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, from which she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. After teaching for several years in R.I., Trostli established herself as a successful free-lance advertising artist, with local and national accounts in the jewelry, giftware, stationery and packaging industries.

During those years, her travels led her to spend countless hours exploring the ornate buildings, fountains and museums of Europe, the tiles and mosaics of North Africa and Brazil’s colonial cities and churches. She also photographed the rich and diverse plant life around the world — from the rain forests of Belize to the Arizona desert.

“Day Circus” by Liz Trostli

In 2011, Elisabeth Trostli and her husband, Bill Rusling, moved to Sarasota, a place she says evoked memories of her childhood in Brazil and travels in Italy. She was very inspired by the landscape here, especially enjoying frequent visits to Selby Gardens—to appreciate its botany department, orchids and other odd and curious plants. In addition to influencing her art, this interest led her to become an instructor at the OM Academy of Botanical Art in Sarasota.

View more work by Liz Trostli available through Art Uptown